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Careers with eXcentius.

Current vacancies

Mid-career consultant

We are growing our strategy advisory team in the United Kingdom.

Based anywhere in the UK, you’ll be delivering strategic technology due diligence and value creation to Private Equity (PE) and corporate clients in Europe and North America. You’ll work predominantly at the board and senior management level. Between projects, you’ll work on converting learnings from engagements into knowledge frameworks and assessment tools.

The successful candidate will have 7+ years post-degree work experience as an experienced technology operator or a strategy consultant, with functional knowledge of digital technology and/ or Product Management.

What we offer

What we offer

Above all, we offer responsibility, learning and career growth.

If you are working in a client-facing role, you will work predominantly at the board and senior management level. Our clients span a wide range of industries. The common feature is the use of technology to drive shareholder value.


We operate a flexible work environment because we want our people to have a genuine balance between work and personal life. That is easier to achieve on most value creation projects because they operate across longer time horizons with deliverables scheduled over weeks and months. On due diligence projects it can be a challenge: investors have a narrow window of opportunity, so we have to deliver a lot of value in a very short time (typically 2 or 3 weeks). In these cases, the balance can be a bit lumpy but we still strive to achieve it.

Everyone in eXcentius takes responsibility for their own deliverables, agreeing upfront how long they will need to deliver their part of the work. We provide as much support as possible, and everyone receives the credit for the work they do. 

Who we are looking for

Who we are looking for

Everyone brings something different to their work. Here are the common traits we look for:

  • An open mind coupled with a continual desire to learn.

  • The ability to quickly and consistently synthesise information from a wide range of disparate sources.

  • A willingness to ask how to do things and accept well-intentioned advice when given.

  • Good written presentation skills - in any role.

  • Superb in-person presentation skills if you are going in front of a client.

  • Good communications with everyone inside and outside of the company.

  • Ownership - of both the quality and timing of your work.

  • Respectful of others.

Two of our policies that you'll need to be completely aligned with

Equal opportunities

The strength of eXcentius is the diversity of its people, and on a personal level, we're not interested in everyone thinking and being the same. Therefore we operate a meaningful equal opportunities policy that applies in and out of the workplace, and being a part of this policy is a non-negotiable requirement for working at eXcentius.

Promotion on what gets done

We promote people for consistently delivering what they say they will deliver, in a way that aligns with our culture and company values. This is not about staff utilisation on client projects, it is about quality of work and a willingness to learn.

Essential policies

Data privacy for job applicants

We protect your privacy and comply with our data protection obligations throughout the entire employment application process. Follow the link below to view our full privacy notice for job applicants.

Data privacy

Interview information for job applicants

Our interview and evaluation process is standard for all applicants to the same role, and is similar for all roles (both internal and client-facing). Regardless of the role, it includes a case study to be conducted in your own time. We'll give you help on this if you are new to concept.

Click the icon below to download a copy of our interview information for job applicants.

Information for candidates
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