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About eXcentius.

eXcentius exists to reduce technology risk in investments and to enable investors to achieve superior value creation.

Our people

Everyone in eXcentius has operational experience.


We’ve built technology, scaled start-ups and run successful companies. In fact, between us we have grown seed stage to Series A, B and exit, built and managed global product management teams in FTSE and Nasdaq corporates, brought ML and AI products to market and launched B2C and B2B SaaS across the world. We have in-depth experience of hardware, software, data & commercial AI.

Examples of our work

Value creation

  • Post-merger product strategy (hardware, software, services) for a global satcoms equipment manufacturer ($500mm revenue).

  • Product group restructuring for a European digital signal processing hardware manufacturer
    ($30mm revenue).

  • Product development strategy for US market entry of a German primary care healthtech start-up.

  • Full lifecycle MVP development of a PE deal pipeline curation tool for a specialist, market-leading UK product consultancy.

  • Management of in-life product development of a global digital advertising platform ($5.2bn revenue) for a global multi-channel advertising agency.

Due diligence

  • AI hardware due diligence for a global corporate taking a $2bn+ position in the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of graphics and AI chips.

  • Technical due diligence for global European investment bank across a series of significant position investments in high-growth SaaS companies (£10mm-£20mm investments).

  • Technical and AI due diligence for a US blue chip LBO of a global cloud services back-end technology provider.

  • Technical due diligence for a £5m UK healthcare growth acquisition.

  • Technical due diligence for a leading European VC fund considering a €6m majority investment in a SME supply chain financing scale-up.

Our work
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