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Technology value creation
& investment support

We increase value and reduce risk in technology-dependent mid-cap and large-cap Private Equity investments.

We are experienced technology and commercial operators who understand the practicalities of creating value through technology. We excel at proprietary software and hardware, data exploitation and commercial data science.


Portfolio company value creation

To increase EBITDA across the investment period and maximise asset valuation on exit, we identify the ‘what’ and then translate it into the ‘how’: we co-develop technology strategies with management teams and provide delivery assurance during implementation.

As well as providing leadership, tools and processes, we compliment our in-house expertise by drawing upon a global network of highly-experienced practitioners to deliver specific insights that can accelerate best-in-class performance.

We leave behind greater skills, focused commercial acumen, better defined processes and more clearly articulated actions to meet the commercial targets.

Pre-deal value creation
& investment support

We provide pre-deal investment support focused on proprietary technology:

  • Portfolio technology strategy to formulate value creation opportunities.

  • Strategic technology due diligence to uncover investment thesis risk and identify additional value opportunities.


  • Acquisition support to provide technology reference points during negotiations.

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