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Successful technology is an ecosystem

‘If you’re not talking directly to customers, the next best thing is to interview the people who talk with them on a regular basis – your customer service team’.

Source: Top 10 customer feedback sources, 2022, Userback, article/best-customer-feedback-source

Successful technology is an ecosystem

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Should Customer Services be part of Engineering’s daily stand-ups?

Whilst proprietary software and hardware can create shareholder value, other organisational tenets are essential to enable and deliver that value – a successful technology investment requires a fully functioning ecosystem that includes people, processes, data and, increasingly, third-party technology.

The core activities of creating technology assets are Engineering (the development of software or hardware) and Data Science (the development of algorithms that require learning). But to create investor value from technology requires the commercial function of Product Management which manages the scope and order of development to maximise revenues and maintain product-market-fit.

Products themselves have little value without engaged customers and a pro-active service delivery infrastructure – underpinned by operational channels, such as Customer Services, Pricing and Sales, and all reliant upon third-party technology.

Like many businesses, technology companies also require a cohesive set of digital enablers to maximise investor value and reduce risk. These include business intelligence, data management, back-office systems, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Successful technology is an ecosystem
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